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3. Australia-India Comparison






Aboriginal elder


Paniya man from Kerala


Aboriginal girl with a children


Paniya girl from Kerala


Aboriginal man


Urali elder from Kerala


Two Aboriginal men and a woman


Two Kattu Nayaka men and a girl from Kerala


A group of boys from Umbakumba (NT)


A group of tribal from Kerala


An Aboriginal woman


Yanadi boy from Andhra Pradesh


Aboriginal woman from Melville Island


Santhal woman from Orissa


A group of Aborigines


Vedda boy from Sri Lanka


Aboriginal childrens from Queensland


Munda villagers from Bengal


Aboriginal childrens


Mal Paharia mother and children from Bihar


A group of aboriginal women and childrens


A group of tribal from Kerala


Aboriginal women and childrens


Three Kurumbas from Kerala


A group of aboriginals from NSW


Kondh villagers from Orissa


Barrineans Negritos from Queensland


Hill tribals from Kerala



An Aboriginal girl from Queensland


A Vedda boy from Sri Lanka


An Aboriginal man


A Korwa man from Orissa


Aboriginal children from Queensland


Santhal group from Bihar




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