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Pag. 292

“…..Negroid dwarfs are also known from Annam, West Cambodia and Lower Cochin-China. Reports of Negritos in China and Hainan are doubtful…….”

Pag. 294

“… the higher ranger of Northern Travancore, Chatterjee and Kumar (1956) point out their relation to other forest tribes  such as the Paliyan, Kadar and Kanikar. Their hair characters vary widely, from frizzly to wavy and (in one case) the very curly hair typical of the Kadar. In Ehrenfels (1952) account of the Kadar culture many of the photos show non-curly or only slight wavy hair. He found evidence of some crossing with Hindus…….”

Pag. 306

“……The Veddas are outside the Negrito grouping. They are probably Australoids of reduced dimensions who migrated to Ceylon during the last ice age……..”