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Pag. 36

“ …..spirally curved hair in a few Kaders, and Eickstedt says these people have frizzly hair. Guha is doubtful if the original Negrito element among the Kaders was brachy- at least meso-…..


“……betray Australoid traits in them, and if they have spirally curved hair then that is a trait of Negroid in them. In that case, the subjects show heterozygotic traits in their……


“…..These people whom Eickstedt has put along with the Kaders as the “Malide” show close curly hair, which is neither woolly nor frizzly. It is stranege that a few of the Kaders will only show it……”


“…..(Z.B. von Lapicque und Keane), ohne weiteres zu den Negritos stellt, dnpn diese sind zwar recht kleinwuchsig, noch viel klein wuchsiger als die Maliden, sind sehr dunkelhautig und extrem.......“


„.....(It is not proper when the Malides are counted, as it was done by Lapicque and Keane, with the Negrito as these are really Pygmies, much smaller than the……”


“…...In the same way the Tinnevelly skull examined by Dixon, is said by him to be Negroid. But Eickstedt reports that the Malide branch of his Veddaic race show from time to time slight…….”


“…..Negrito strain being in them. On the other hand, Eickstedt says, “Inder Tat weisen die Weddiden lockiges Haar auf die malide Untergruppe sogar englockiges Haar. Bei einigen Stammen........“


„......Certaines de ces tribus offerent un type negritoide, étant noir aux cheveux très frisés, comme par exemple les Chenchu, les Yanadi de l’isle Sri haricota. D’autres tribus comme les Kadir ou Kadan……. »